Where to get dinner near the Barclays Center? Or even not-so-near?
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We're going to a show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday night and are looking for a great place to eat dinner at beforehand.

This is part of a fun weekend trip to NYC, so places more towards the delicious, craft cocktail, and foodie end of things would be lovely, but it IS just a few days away, so we realize many places may be booked and we should have options/make reservations.

Our last scheduled item of the day is at the Frick in the early afternoon, so feel free to recommend that we range farther afield in Brooklyn or Manhattan for great food (and tell us where that great food is!).
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I'd say that Alchemy is probably your best bet. Tasty food, interesting cocktails, easy walking distance to the Barclay's Center down Fifth Avenue.

If you're willing to go a little further afield, then Al Di La, Blueprint, and Blue Ribbon are all on 5th Ave and all worth checking out, and I'd recommend them in about that order. (Al Di La has a bar in the back that's seperate form the restaurant. It's EXCELLENT and I believe you can have your dinner served to you there if you like. The service and the food are both fantastic.)
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I looove Bogota Latin Bistro, which is a very quick walk from Barclays. I think Al Di La is overrated but YMMV. (The host was very judgmental of my--totally normal--party the one time I went, and the food was all right but nothing great. But maybe it's improved!)
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(Another point in favor of those places I mentioned, or anything else on the stretch of 5th ave between Flatbush and 9th Street, is that 5th Ave in Brooklyn itself is just a nice street to walk down with interesting things to look at and lots of little shops to duck into if you have time to kill. Being within walking distance means that getting back to the Barclays Center on time for your show is less stressful, and if you're tired or have a lot of stuff to carry, the R train is easy to catch and right down on 4th Ave, or you can jump on the B63 on 5th Ave headed North.
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Bogota is, indeed, very tasty! And more casual than some of the options I mentioned. But it gets super crowded on Friday nights -- definitely make a reservation if that's where you decide to go.
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Flatbush Avenue has plenty of options. They're all done by the same group, but Bklyn Larder for delicious sandwiches and provisions quickly, Franny's for delicious wood fired pizza, and Marco's for non-red-sauce Italian with interesting things on the menu. All within about 3 seconds of the Barclay's center. There are also several options on Vanderbilt Avenue, which is just east of Flatbush
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Not knowing what kind of food you like, or what kind of transportation you'll have, I suggest you look for ratings/recommendations on Yelp/Open Table/Urban Spoon/Chowhound/Tasting Table/Eater/Your Restaurant Website of Choice in the following neighborhoods:

Park Slope (where the restaurants Narrative Priorities recommended, are -- I agree that Al Di La is a good choice)
Cobble Hill/Carrol Gardens
Boerum Hill
Fort Greene

All 4 neighborhoods are within a 10-minute cab ride of the Barclays Center (parts of Park Slope, like the part NP references, is maybe a 15 minute walk), and all have thriving restaurant/cocktail culture.
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places more towards the delicious, craft cocktail, and foodie end of things would be lovely

Flatbush Farm
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The Vanderbilt (on Vanderbilt at Bergen) has delicious small (and larger) plates and great cocktails. The Executive Chef, Saul Bolton, had the first three-Michellin star restaurant in Brooklyn, which has now moved to the Brooklyn Museum.
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A small tip about orientation:

There is a big east-west stretch of street called Atlantic Avenue which can get a little busy. The Barclays Center is on the south side of Atlantic; Park Slope is all south of Atlantic, as is much of Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill. North of Atlantic Avenue, you will find Fort Greene, which has a number of quite nice options - Ici and Roman's may suit, and there's always this wine bar.

The only caveat is that whole thing with Atlantic Avenue being there. It's not, like, Death Street 3000 or anything, but it can get kind of busy.
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Ft. Greene has tons of restaurants: Turkish, German, BBQ, Ethiopian, South African, Japanese, Mexican, French....
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Seconding Flatbush Farm, although the cocktails aren't the greatest. And Ah-Di-La is great but a bit boring on the food front (classic Italian) and is pretty much about wine, not cocktails.

#7 is a short walk away and does have the foody-ness plus good cocktails.

Rosewater is really great food-wise, although again it's more of a wine place.

Applewood is pretty much spot-on for what you are asking for, but you need to make reservations now if you want to go there, as they go fast. And it's a bit further away.

Actually, my favorite restaurant of this style is Lot 2, which has really great cocktails and food, but is even further away, but in walking distance if you're an urban hiker like me (around a mile or so).
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Yeah, Al Di La still doesn't serve cocktails in the main dining area -- only in the bar. (They got their full liquor license pretty recently, it was only wine up until maybe a year ago.)
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Kaz An Nou is sort of artisanal/nouveau African Carribbean food and it was delicious.

Cubana Cafe is delicious and surprisingly reasonable for both food and cocktails and has awesome sandwiches.

But really there is so much within a 10 minute walk and a whole world of delicious food within a 30 minute walk or quick car ride that your question really needs some more parameters!
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Thanks so much, all! We ended up going to Flatbush Farm, and it was delicious (and surprisingly not full, but then it was teeming rain). Even in the cold rain that part of Brooklyn seemed like a lot of fun, so I look forward to trying some of the other recommendations when I go back in warmer weather.
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