Help me name the things I have made
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MeFites, you did such a good job of coming up with a name for the last blog I launched that I'm back again asking you to help me name the next blog I want to kickstart soonish.

This blog will be about the things I make, with posts involving before and after pictures and some commentary on the process involved. I work in various mediums, so I will be posting about quite a mixed bag of home decor, needlework, clothing, stained glass, salvage and fine art projects as I finish them. The working title is "Things I Have Made", but I'd like something a little catchier, smarter, and more distinctive. Suggestions?
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Hand Sprung
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Like "wooden" or "golden", but for "make". Those Things You Have Made are maken.
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Distaff Made
Handmaid Arts
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Purpose and Process

Good IDeas
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In The Making
The Art Of Crafts
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This That These
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From Here To There
I Made This!
Form Out Of Chaos
My War Against Entropy
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Doo Bee Doo Ree Doo
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I ended going not with any of these suggestion, but instead used one of the answers from a previous AskMe thread in which I asked people to name/define my aesthetic: Modwardian. Since it's a made up word and can mean anything I want it to, I think it encapsulates my work well, i.e., it's handmade and/or modified, and I aim to combine old school elegance and quality with modern convenience and minimalism.

Thanks all for your efforts, and Modwardian is up and running if you care to take a look.
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