How do I stay warm at a Denver Broncos game?
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We're going to a Broncos game in Denver this Sunday. I've never been to an NFL game, nor to Denver - how should we dress?

My husband and I are flying to Denver this weekend to go to a Broncos game. If the forecast is any indication, it's going to be COLD. How should we dress to be comfortable and (mostly) warm during the game? We recently moved from Virginia to Minnesota and are still figuring out cold weather clothing, but we do have a few things at our disposal. We both have Serious Winter Coats™, wool socks, wool hats, lined gloves, and scarves. Neither of us have thermals, but I'm sure we could find some if need be.

Seeing Peyton Manning play is a nigh-lifelong dream for me, and I'd like to enjoy the game instead of being seriously uncomfortable because I didn't plan appropriately. Can y'all help us?
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Thermals are a good investment. Gonna be cold though. I would go this way:

Layer 1: Thermals (heavy), wool socks
Layer 2: Something fluffy; a down midlayer like this would be good. Otherwise something heavy and fleecy. If you want to go all-out on your legs, add fleece or flannel pants.
Layer 3: Something to stop the wind. A softshell or vest would work well here.
Layer 4: Your shells. Something to stop the wind on your legs works well here; fleece or flannel-lined jeans will do in a pinch. And your big heavy winter coats.

Top it all off with heavy shoes or boots, heavy mittens, hats, and scarves.

Also make sure you get up and move around during breaks -- cheer actively. No matter what you're wearing, standing or sitting still means you'll get cold a lot faster. Run up and down the stadium steps at halftime. Hot chocolate or other hot beverages will also help a lot. Have fun!
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The little crush-to-activate hand and foot warmers are great for these things. Make sure your feet are going to be warm/stay warm.

Anything extra you bring, make sure it's in an NFL-approved bag (this rule is dumb). I have one I can mail to you if you don't mind it having a large Buffalo Bills logo.
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i went to a steelers game at Heinz field in December a few years ago.

i wore snoveralls. i was comfortable and warm.
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I live in Denver and your list sounds pretty good! I would also recommend bringing a blanket for you lap/legs (thermals optional), and also to layer... it's not uncommon to have 60° weather a day after 6 inches of snow.

Oh, and it goes without saying that anything you wear must be orange and blue. :)
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craven_morhead has the right idea, but I'd just add that you really want multi-layered head/face protection. A big scarf, a warm hat and a wind/water resistant hood would be ideal.
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To reiterate craven_morhead's point about socks: make sure you get socks that are specifically for cold weather (i.e., wool or wool blend), rather than just wearing an extra pair or two of regular (cotton or acrylic) socks. Layering cotton socks won't actually keep your feet warmer, and if they make your shoes or boots too tight you'll restrict circulation to your toes. (on [non-]preview: just saw that you said you had wool socks. So... good!)
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Don't underestimate how much heat you'll lose through your butt/back on the seat.

I'd wrap myself in a blanket. Maybe also one of those foil space blankets?
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Seconding @troika's NFL-approved clear bag -- according to the link above, you should be able to bring blankets by tossing them over your shoulder or arm, sounds like the blanket does not need to fit in the small bag.

Seconding @Rock Steady: "you really want multi-layered head/face protection. A big scarf, a warm hat and a wind/water resistant hood would be ideal."

* Don't forget Earplugs, or noise-cancelling headphones that could double as earmuffs for the noise (NFL stadiums are LOUD).
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Hand and foot warmers!
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I like the sodium based gel hand warmers, because you can boil and reuse them. Go for a larger size than a smaller one, they'll stay warm longer. This is the kind I'm thinking of, although don't buy those as they're rather small. I have one designed for a bad back that's about 9" long.
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Also consider an inflatable cushion. It'll keep your body from making contact with cold metal/plastic benches.

Getting up and moving around will also help keep your circulation going.
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Not in Denver, but I once kept myself toasty-warm at a football game by standing in a sleeping bag.
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Be sure to take the stadium bag/belongings policy seriously. You won't get a backpack or a stuff sack into the stadium. Wear as much as you can.
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Lava Buns - a microwave gel heated seat cushion looks perfect for these types of outdoor games. Yesterday a discussion of "what was the coldest you have ever been?" included someone saying it was in Denver when our hometown played them in a game even though they thought they were well dressed.
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I've been to a good number of games at Mile High, including a couple freezing cold ones, though I think the coldest I've ever been to was low twenties rather than your forecasted teens! Definitely bring something to put 'twixt your butt and the seats. Definitely get (spiked) hot chocolate or coffee, and repeat as necessary. As folks said, hand warmers are great, and you might want to bring a box of these and strap around your trunk and back to keep your core warm. They ought to last through the game.

I know you said you've got gloves and scarves, but if you're looking to add some Broncos swag to your outerwear or cold weather accessories, Walgreen's stores, especially downtown, have branded stuff and you can pick up scarves, gloves, and hats for ~$10 or so. You could also pick up a cheap Broncos blanket there.

Depending on where you're sitting, folks will probably stay on their feet for a lot of the game, so stamping, clapping, jumping, etc, can all be an ongoing activity.

I was at the Jacksonville game in October and a very large, very shirtless season ticketholder in front of me had painted himself with orange greasepaint from head to waist, then rolled in glitter so that he glimmered when the sun hit him. If he is still out there this weekend PLEASE memail me because then I'll marry him.
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Here are some notes for posterity, should any football-loving ladies wish to attend cold-weather games. I wore three layers:

-Base layer was microfiber thermals (these). I was dubious about how thin they were, but they did the job admirably.
-Second layer on bottom was thick jersey leggings; on top a merino pullover.
-Top layer was my heaviest jeans on bottom, and my Serious Winter Coat™, a Lands End down parka.

I wore the heaviest, manliest, waterproofiest gloves I could find, this fleece-lined Broncos hat, Cabela's wool boot socks, a windproof balaclava, a scarf, sneakers (more on this in a second), and giant sunglasses. I also had toe warmers and hand warmers, plus a fleece lap blanket and a Broncos seat cushion. (I also cheered like a maniac, per craven_morhead.)

We were lucky enough to be on the sunny side of the stadium, so for the first three quarters I thought I was a bit overdressed. However, after the sun went down, I was grateful for all those layers. The only thing I would have done differently was to wear boots (I hadn't bought any yet, since we just moved to Minnesota) or waterproof shoes instead of sneakers. It had snowed in Denver the night before the game, and while my socks kept my feet from getting super cold, wet shoes were a little annoying and uncomfortable.

Anyway, I got to see four touchdowns, a ridiculously long field goal, and stayed warm and comfortable in the process. Thanks, everybody!
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