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I have converted the top half of our hall closet into a little standing dressing area that holds my jewelry box and mementos. There is a mirror over my jewelry box on the back wall of the space. How do I light it?

This space is at the end of a narrow hallway and is meant to be a place to put on my jewelry and take a last look at my face before I head out the door. The hallway light is a typical dim ceiling-mounted fixture in a 1950's-era house that just makes everything look muddy and casts a shadow into the space when I'm standing in front of it.

I would like to have a small lamp inside the cabinet to illuminate it well but there is no electricity in it. I tried a small fluorescent bulb, but it isn't strong enough and I'm imagining those tap on/off lights won't be either.

Your ideas, please?
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LED strip lighting. For example.
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Do a search for 'closet lighting'... Ace Hardware, Home Depot, all those places have a ton of options for small, electricity-free spaces. Here's an old Apartment Therapy thread asking for a similar item.
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How about a light up mirror? This one takes batteries and uses LEDs so it should be plenty bright.
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IKEA actually has a big selection of really nice LED strip lighting for closets, bookshelves, and wardrobes. If there's one near you you can check it out in the marketplace section, or browse their website under integrated lighting.
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Think a bit about how you want to place and aim the lights. You probably don't want a light shining directly into the mirror so that you gaze into the glass and directly into the reflection of a light bulb; you want your face and torso to be well illuminated so that you see _that_ in the mirror.
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Thanks amtho. This has been my major concern.
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