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Seeking mental health resources for young Italian man
September 27, 2012 8:35 AM   Subscribe

What are low-cost or online resources for a young Italian man with anxiety disorder and/or depression in Rome?

I'm asking for a friend. What are low-cost or online resources for a young Italian man with anxiety disorder and/or depression in Rome?

I checked the ThereisHelp page but I didn't see anything on Italy. Any resources in Italian or advice about clinics or therapists is appreciated.
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Is there a reason why he is not going through his local ASL's mental health department?

(For clarity's sake, since I'm guessing you are helping long distance: Italy's national health care system (SSN) in Rome is divided up into various districts based on one's residence (ASL). For an Italian citizen, the SSN is about as low cost as it gets, and free for certain pathologies or levels of demonstrated income.)

Also, can you define "young"? It seems there are specialized services for adolescents/adults (18/25 y.o.) both within the mental health departments and attached to family planning clinics (consultori)
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Thank you for your reply. I believe he falls into that age group 18 to 25. I'll encourage him to do as you suggested. If there are websites in Italian like there are in English, that would be helpful too.
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If I knew which ASL he was in I could theoretically link directly to his local info (ASL website are notoriously shitty). If he's 18 or under, tell him to look up Tutela della Salute e Riabilitazione dell'Età Evolutiva for his ASL. Consultori per adoloescenti might be another avenue to explore, as they have social and mental health workers; I'm finding conflicting information on whether the cut off age is 18, 19 or 25.

In the mentime I also found this: IDEA Roma Onlus, for depression and anxiety.
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To others who see this thread: I would appreciate additional resources, especially online ones.
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