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Bedbug treatment and cats - Should I board the cat after treatment of my apartment, and for how long?

Hi there, this is me . As predicted, the bedbugs have not gone away. With treatment (Imidacloprid, diatomaceous earth and pyrethrin + everything through the dryer), they will stay away for a few months, but they always come back. It really, really sucks. Long story short, we're going to move, but that's not possible for 4-6 months.

We're smack dab in the middle of another buggy flare up, but this time we have a new complication: we rescued the most awesome 2 year old indoor-only kitty. Googling has brought back mixed results in terms of complications with pets...seems like those 3 treatments are actually used on pets to control fleas. However, I'm still worried just based on all the variables of strength of the poisons, etc.

Extra challenge - I cant just tell my property managers to tell the pest control guy to use pet-safe methods because we're kinda sorta not really supposed to have a cat. Building's full of pets but for some reason we got denied.

Would boarding the cat be overkill? How long would I need to board the poor guy? Thanks!
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Call your vet and ask them, they should be able to give you advice about what you should do.
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