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How can I teach myself feng shui? Any books worth recommending?
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How can I teach myself feng shui? Any books worth recommending?

I've always been fascinating with the idea that space planning can help optimize positive energy within an environment. I really know nothing about feng shui but I would love to learn more. Are there any good books that don't go too philosophical, but still provide to essence of feng shui for beginners?
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"Move your stuff, change your life" by Karen Rauch Carter is a good introduction to feng shui. (It's the only title I can remember of the 30+ books I read about feng shui several years ago, if that says anything.)
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Clearing Your Clutter with Fang Shui
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There are different schools of feng shui. The book I used to teach myself about the Western school is The Western Guide to Feng Shui.

But I also really like Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. And Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life was another one that was good enough to earn a place on my bookshelf.
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