Can I trust eBay ?
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Buying a pre-owned Mac in the UK. Where should I go ?

Need another iMac for editing with Final Cut Pro. Can I trust eBay ? Or is it worth paying extra for the reassurance of a good machine. And if so, from where ? Suggestions please.
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It's possibly a bit obvious but you can buy refurbished macs from apple:
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A couple things:
1) Macs depreciate more slowly than most computers, so that would bias me in favor of new or refurbished. You're just not knocking as much off the price as you would by buying a worthless 2 year old PC.
2) The iMac isn't easily repairable, so you want AppleCare or at least that 1-year of coverage you get when you buy from Apple.
3) Get a 27" if you can. An equivalent IPS display alone would run you something like $800-$900 from Dell.
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Apple authorised resellers will often have one year old, end of line or ex-display macs at a discount.
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