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Why can't spreadsheets work like brains?
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Former excel magician attempts to use Google spreadsheets, fails. It should be easy to make a function that can tally a monthly total from a column of dates and a column of numbers, right?

I have a google spreadsheet. Column A is dates, column B is numbers. How do I write a function that will show a sum in a cell in column C by month? Basically I want a function that says, "If column A is between this and that date. then add the number from column B."

The easy work around would be to separate out the dates from "4/6/2012" and have a separate column for each then use the IF function on the month name column. Is there a more elegant solution?
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I think there's a way to do this using SUMIF and MONTH, both of which exist in Google Docs. I can't work it out just now, but I'll try a little later.
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When unable to do sth in Google Docs, a workaround I sometimes use is to write the function in Excel and upload the spreadsheet. Presto! The Excel function is converted to the Gdocs equivalent. Saves time (and hair on your head ;-)
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Ok, here is the setup.

Column A has the dates
Column B has the values
Column C has the beginning date to start counting from
Column D has the end date date to end counting
Column E has this formula =ArrayFormula(sum((A:A>=C1+0)*(A:A<=D1+0)*(B:B)))

For all the date ranges that you want to get numbers for, enter the beginning and end dates in C & D and make sure the formula for E1 has been filled down to be in the F column.

Make sure your months are correct. For example, don't give the month of June over 30 days or you will get an error.
posted by lampshade at 5:28 PM on April 6, 2012 [1 favorite] is a temp link to the sheet for you if you want to copy the whole thing.

GoogleDocs Link
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errr....."E1 has been filled down to be in the F column."

Should be "E1 has been filled down to whatever dates that you have filled in C&D".

or just use the will make sense.
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Have you tried using pivot tables for this? It seems like exactly what you need.
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>>here is a temp link to the sheet for you if you want to copy the whole thing.

Temp period over. Sheet made private. If you want to reference it, memail me.
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