Web Site, Blogger, and Email Answers?
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Gmail, Blogger and My Web Site question. It's not pretty.

I have a web site hosted by; the company that I've also used for my domain name registration ( I have an email address that is, using the GoDaddy mail server.

I'd like to get away from paying for web hosting service all together. It's not a poverty isue as much as it is a "Can I actually do this?" issue.

I recently realized that I could easily create a new Blogger site which would suffice for my web site needs just fine, utilizing the static pages available on Blogger sites.

Assuming I maintain my domain name registration, is there a way to have my current web site URL ( point directly to the Blogger site I'd create?

At least as important, is there a way to maintain my email address to point to (ideally) my other email address ( in a manner that would be transparent to those with whom I exchange emails? Or to point toward a Gmail email address with similary transparent results (where emails I send would have a return address of

In other words, I'd like allof these changes to be completely transparent to those I intereact with.
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Try this to get your URL pointing at a Blogger site. Unless GoDaddy is terribly broken, you should be able to forward your email to any address you like. Then it's just a matter of configuring your mail client to send mail with the correct from address.
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"Google apps for your domain" will let you host email (and a google site, actually). There is a free version for up to 10 users.
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I use Google Apps for my email. You can then log into and you'll see the gmail interface. Your recipients will still see from "".
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