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how best to sit and bike? recumbant question
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[stationary recumbant bike] looking for recommendations.

we're trying to cut some costs and want to be able to exercise at home. due to some back issues, a recumbant stationary bike seems like the best option. we're not training for a race or anything like it, but do want a bike that will be sturdy and last. any recommendations for brands/types? this is new territory here. i've done some online research but i do not know how to pick between brands/models. i have also checked out craigslist, but a lot of the bikes for sale are already put together and weight several hundred pounds. we are not physically able to move something of that size. therefore, buying a new one to be delivered seems like it may be the best option for us.

thanks so much!
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We have a Schwinn 220 that we love. She's just over 5' and I'm 6' and the adjustable seat slides easily and fits us both nicely.
It's sturdy, quiet, and has a nice range of resistance levels.
It came in pieces and took about half an hour to put together.
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Consider a magnetic bike trainer like this one. (Mine just arrived a couple of days ago and is still in its box.)
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I've been in the market for a recumbent exercise bike as well. From my research so far I can say that the Schwinns get pretty good reviews, and are reasonably priced.

Department store bikes (walmart, etc.) will likely cost less, but will likely be of low quality.

If you're not able to shlep a heavy exercise bike into your house, I would suggest you look up a dealer who will deliver and set it up for you. We bought a (heavy) treadmill that way and it was more than worth the small price premium for delivery, setup and support.
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I bought this model about a year ago. It's pretty light, very easy to set up, and you can fold it up to store in a corner (I store mine in a spare bathroom). It's quiet--I usually watch TV when I'm exercising and have no trouble hearing the TV or music. Very comfortable to use, and easy on the lower back, which was a concern of mine. I have to say that this is the only piece of exercise equiment I've bought that I've actually stuck with for any significant length of time.
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