What is the best iPhone app to track car mileage?
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What is the best iPhone app to track car mileage?

I want to track mileage for a company car, and I don't want to track it in my calendar. But, I need some kind of app that I can track date, mileage, and place.
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I use Gas Cubby to track mileage and expenses for my personal car, it even exports to Excel IIRC.
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Surely i get a cookie for mentioning Fuelly? Right?
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I use Gas Cubby, as well, and would recommend it.
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The people who make Gas Cubby also make an app called Trip Cubby that does exactly what you're looking for. I've only used Gas Cubby, but I imagine Trip Cubby is crafted with the same amount of love.
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I use milebug, which lets you set up different cars, enter frequently used locations and trips, and will let you export all the reports in formats that excel plays well with.
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