PLEASE~Help me get back into my hotmail account!
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I have been blocked out of my hotmail account! account compromised, need retrieval help

I cannot get into my account and have changed the password three times over the weekend. At one point I got a page to come up regarding account retrieval from Microsoft. I answered the questions and submitted them, 24 hours later got a response that I did not give them the correct info to get into my account. I cannot send a request for help without logging in to my account and am now stuck in a circle of what is becoming dispare. I will cancel the account and get something new, I just need my folders and contact information. I can see the info using Outlook, but can't access it. There has to be a way to get back in! any help offered is appreciated. I am stuck in a loop, that is asking "if you know your password....enter it now" them get account compromised message and loops around.
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I remember when I had to get mine recovered, I went through a forum retrieval route...but it started at this page and basically directed me towards the forum. The retrieval process created a private password-protected thread that I had to check in on and update if they had any further questions about my identity. I had to enter a lot of things that only I would know about the account, like which contacts were in there, what e-mails are normally in the inbox, etc. I'm not sure if they're still offering the service however. This reference is the best I could find at the moment on their site. I remember I had to do this because I did not know my "secret security" answer.

I wish you the best of luck, it wasn't fun for me...
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Thank you samsara, the links you gave are the loop that I am stuck in. I was able to use your link to submit an email question, that is one step further than I was an hour ago. :)
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I went through the exact same Kafka-esque loop with Hotmail. I didn't remember my security answer and couldn't provide enough info they asked for to verify account ownership (which is unbelievably obscure... like, what are all the IP addresses you usually use to log in).

Eventually I just gave up. So please report back if you find a solution! Sorry to be discouraging.
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Do you have any other computers that you might have saved the password on? I once lost a password and security question but I had saved the password on a web browser of an old computer. I signed in and changed the password.
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I know the passwords, just can't log in, I keep getting a line that my account has been compromised. Now I get a response that I have tried to log in too many times. The sun will come up tomorrow.......
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