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How do I obtain and fill out form ST-1?
March 10, 2011 9:00 PM   Subscribe

Please help me navigate getting setup to collect Illinois Sales Tax for my new ecommerce site. I feel like I am continually trying to push open a door that says "Pull."

I recently launched a new ecommerce site (which I'll avoid plugging here) this past month and as part of my growing pains, I'm learning I need to collect Illinois Sales Tax since I am running this out of my home here in Chicago. I don't stock any inventory for the site itself as it is all dropshipped, however my understanding from my accountant is that I would need to collect and remit sales tax for any orders placed in Illinois.

Ok great--not a problem! Oh wait...I can't figure out how to freaking notify the state that I am doing this!

I have an LLC from a previous venture that this is housed under, and my accountant directed me to fill out form ST-1. From that website, it is unclear whether I need to go to an office somewhere and fill out an initial form to notify the state I am collecting sales tax, or whether I can just fill out something online and be good to go.

I need a step-by-step guide for each step I need to do in order to first obtain and then fill out this ST-1 form, get it submitted, and then remit sales tax to the state.
The state is bankrupt as'd think they'd make it as easy as possible to get them more money. Apparently not.

Bonus points if you respond tonight as I'm taking tomorrow off and would love to get this done and over with tomorrow in case I need to go down to the Dept. of Revenue office or something like that.
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I am not sure about Illinois, but we had an e-commerce site and a business in Missouri.

We just calculated it quarterly (used a simple percentage) and sent them in. My husband handled it and it was not difficult at all. I think the Secretary of State's site provided some useful info.
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IAATaxProfessional, IANYTP. Business license registration for the state.

You will probably also need to register in the city of Chicago.
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"however my understanding from my accountant..." What am I missing? Shouldn't your accountant know all the steps involved?
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