looking for another collapsible cat octahedral hideout thing
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What do I even call this collapsible cat octahedral hideout thing? How do I find another one to purchase? Foster cat loves it soooo much, and I'd like to give her one when she's adopted...

Here's a 300K picture.

It also collapses into a square pyramid (846K image, sorry):

and the whole thing will fold down to a flat single-triangle footprint. There's a circular rubberish logo on one side that says "Pet Essentials", but that's not a helpful search term. I think I found a Pet Essentials brand crinkle tunnel on, but couldn't find anything like this under toys or furniture.

Any clues? Does anyone have one? Every kitten we've had through here likes it a lot, but Sarah seems to feel particularly safe in it (she's the mother of our recently-adopted kitten kindle of five).
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Goodness, I must have used 15 different search terms. The best I could come up with was "target pop up polyester cat cave" (I tried cat hut, cat bed, cat tent.. pet essentials foldable cat home..)

Here's something similar for $12.
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Aw, what a cutie!

As a category these are called "nylon pop-up pet tents" or "nylon pop-up pet dens." Searching on those terms turns up a lot of different models, although I can't find any the exact same shape as yours.

Pet Essentials is the Target house brand for pet toys. (My cats had a Pet Essentials brand crinkle tunnel - until one of them was naughty and peed in it). Try checking some Target stores in person - my experience is that only a small fraction of a store's inventory is actually posted to their website.
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Here you go
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I have the pet essentials version that is a square. They were two in a package and I'm pretty sure I got mine at Target. I've seen them there recently. They are packaged flat and are hanging so they are easy to miss. I haven't seen that particular shape there so you might consider the square ones instead.
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I have one in cube shape that I got at Walgreens, one or two for $5, I think.
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carmicha! How the heck did you find it?!?

Apparently, it's a "Sport Pet Pop Up Pyramid For Cats & Kittens". It's not pyramid shaped when fully popped up, though (only when half popped up). It's pretty cool, though, and at $7.99 I may get more than one.

Thank you!!!!
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In case anyone gets one of these (and it seems to be awesome for slightly nervous/disoriented cats who still want to know what's going on) -- I cut the bells off. Makes it better for everyone.
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