Looking for fuses in all the wrong places
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Which fuse for a auto dimming mirror/compass on a 2004 Subaru Outback Sport?

I just noticed that the auto dimming mirror no longer dims in direct light and the compass is no longer working. I did check to make sure that the wiring was firmly set and I checked the two buttons to see if they had been accidently turned off. No luck.

I've checked the owner's manual for the fuse box diagrams, but it only mentions the remote (side) mirrors and mirror heaters. No reference to the auto dimming mirror/compass.

I don't have HomeLink (not offered until later model years).

Help me hive-mind, you're my only hope!
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It should be fairly obvious if a fuse is blown by visually examining the fuse. Why not pull a few likely possibilities and check? Just be careful to check that your radio doesn't require some sort of code to reactivate it if it loses electrical power.
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I would suspect the "radio" fuse, or the interior lights fuse. Or the accessory/cigar lighter fuse, actually. Moonroof, maybe.

The other possibility is that it's broken.
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