Scratch and sniff Christmas book? Not just in my imagination.
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Help me find this childrens book please! I had this scratch and sniff Christmas/winter book when I was a kid in the late 80's early 90's. I vaguely recall the characters were the kind that don't have mouths. And just a little button nose. The book had a picture of a Christmas tree that smelled like pine, a cup of chocolate that smelled like chocolate. And so on. I can't remember much else but would love to find this. Thanks!
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The Sweet Smell of Christmas?
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Nope! I feel like the character was a girl or kids with no mouth, not an animal. Thanks though I will get that one too.
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I distinctly remember the cup of chocolate in the Sweet Smell of Christmas. Mine was smeared because *cough* someone *cough* had licked it.
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I think it's "Santa's Beard is Soft and Warm", which was a Golden Touch and Feel book. It was spiral-bound. You could snap Santa's suspenders. If this is the one, it's out of print, but it's on Amazon.....
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Here are some mouthless children:

A Christmas Celebration (A scratch and sniff book) by Joan Walsh Anglund, 1985
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A Christmas Celebration by Joan Walsh Anglund?
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Argh, jinx, mikepop.
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your link has better pictures, MonkeyToes
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YES!!! mikepop and Monkeytoes. I was wrong about the noses. How the hell did you do that? Thanks so much.
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I Googled: vintage "scratch and sniff" christmas book

and found the result on the first page. Anything that I bought or read in my childhood should now be prefaced by "vintage," evidently.
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Vintage? That makes me feel old. I can't believe the copy on Etsy just sold. Thanks again!
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I searched on Amazon for "scratch sniff Christmas" then reverse sorted by publication date. Hope you can obtain a copy!
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Yes! I had this book too! Thanks for the reminder of it! I'll have to track it down at my mom's house when I'm home for the holiday.
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