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Two guys in the woods looking for viral video ideas
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I'm going to be in a cabin in the wilderness for three days with one of my best friends. We will each be bringing flip cameras with us. We want to make a viral video and we're looking for ideas of what to shoot/make. Any ideas? Go wild! We're open to just about anything. If we end up using your idea, we promise to mention your name in the credits.
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How about you each do a series of video diaries about how you're stuck together and increasingly driving each other insane that culminates with a dramatic confrontation/murder/makeout fight? Up to you if it's comedic or sinister.
posted by ghharr at 5:38 PM on November 21, 2010

Blair Witch Project #87.5?
No, too mainstream.
Why don't you guys film some inspirational story about roasting marshmallows? Or you could do a documentary-esque deal where you discuss marshmallow roasting and tent pitching techniques, and act really serious about the entire thing.
Just throwing it out there.
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Hmm. Need more ideas!
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um, maybe substitute the word "good" for "viral."
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Do a Brokeback Mountain type of thing. I'd watch that.
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I tend to think that the most successful viral efforts are very, very planned, scripted and executed, even with improv -- it has to be randomness within a framework. Identifying your specific goal will help with its direction, too. Do you want your video to be a short movie that gets passed around a lot? Something that ends up getting remixed into a song (which would mean that's what gets passed around)?

Anyway, cabin in the woods = closed room stories, usually. That easily lends itself to horror. See: The Shining (madness/ghosts), Cabin Fever (virus), Antichrist (devil), Blair Witch Project (ghosts/madness), Dead Snow (zombies), Evil Dead (demons). Basically, it's the idea that what's scariest is just outside of this supposed haven of safety! and omg, it's getting in! and one of you is turned into one of the things! and everyone dies! and one of you doesn't die and escapes to safety and the world at large but is actually a carrier!

Since you're working within three minutes, you could start in the middle of the action. I think a comedy version of the scary thing could work pretty well.
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When I think "cabin in the woods", I naturally think of "bored out of my mind", which eventually leads to "fart-lighting contest". While it might not go viral, the national interest in fart-lighting contests has never in history been higher than it is now. So I advise you to bring lots of canned beans, cabbage and beer and several changes of underwear, as well as some kitchen matches. If there was ever a sure thing, this is it. Run with it.
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Cannibalism is usually good for some yuks, and is not as played out as zombies.
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Recreate Baghead.
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These days anybody could make a "Fishing with John" type video series. The ice fishing one in particular could work for you.
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