What are these brown spots on my improved meyer lemon tree?
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What are these brown spots on my improved meyer lemon tree?

The tree (image) has had aphids before but I successfully got rid of those; it is now totally bug free and in the middle of blooming gorgeous, heady blooms, the leaves are turning a deep brown. I live in Seattle; could it have to do with the lack of sunlight we are currently experiencing? Or is it too cold? Could it have to do with the fuzzy stuff I found growing on the soil below?
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Quick follow-up: I just fertilized it, after realizing that citrus are heavy feeders and need to be fed more than twice a year.
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A couple things come to mind: cold or heat damage (are you keeping this tree inside, maybe up against a glass window?);or toxicity from salt, chlorine, or fertilizer (how well drained is that soil?).

It doesn't really look like a nutrient deficiency to me.
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