Does anyone know the name/title/family of the Joomla template that is powering this site?
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Does anyone know the name/family of the Joomla template that is powering this site?

Hi all. I know this is trivial, but I would like to design a new web site based on this one, which I know is Joomla powered: http://directive.com/

It's very clean and user friendly. Would anyone know where to find the template or a very similar one? I doubt it is completely built from scratch. All help is appreciated :)
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The fact that a) it's an IT company and b) the template files are listed as living in http://directive.com/templates/directive2 leads me to believe it maybe is built from scratch.
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They seem to have heavily modifed the JA Edenite template judging from the comments in this stylesheet.
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