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In the Loop Chicago Romantic Restaurants
February 4, 2010 6:22 AM   Subscribe

Looking for romantic restaurants within the Loop (I think) Chicago.

I'm not familiar with Chicago, so previous postings on Chicago's romantic restaurants had places all over the city. I'm specifically looking for a restaurant with delicious food of any ethnicity for about $50-$60/person within a mile or two of North Kingsbury Street. More cozy-ish than super glam.
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It would help if you gave us a more complete address. Kingsbury and what?
posted by hydrophonic at 6:49 AM on February 4, 2010

MK is probably the right answer, though I wouldn't necessarily want to go there (or anywhere) on Valentine's Day. I think Custom House is pretty romantic too, but that might be too far for you. Check out these threads on for tons more ideas.

Wait, I just noticed that you said cozy. West Town Tavern.
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North Kinsbury near West Ontario, not far from Expressway either.
posted by Elsie at 7:43 AM on February 4, 2010

I atet at Custom House last weekend. They have changed their menu quite a bit. It's much fussier food now, and complete composed plates versus the somewhat more rustic style before. I thought it was good to very good, but expensive for what it was. Though I enjoyed it, I preferred it before.

They still don't have their new menu online, either.

Elsie- Give some more details on what you're looking for. I know lots of restaurants around downtown.
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You're actually more in the border country of the River North and River West neighborhoods. Not a bad place to be for restaurant options.

I've heard good things about Nacional 27 and Graham Elliot (Latin and avant garde, respectively), but they might be a bit mod for your purposes.

Just cross the river, La Scarola and Piccolo Sogno compete in the traditional Italian niche - the former is a bit cheesier (think bowers of plastic grapes) than the latter, but it has quite a few ardent fans.

Finally, you're not too much of a walk from Rick Bayless' restaurant empire. Topolobampo (upscale) and Frontera Grill (more casual) serve some of the best Mexican cuisine in the country. Make sure to reserve a table as soon as possible if you're interested!
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Geja's is the classic cheesy option (it's a fondue restaurant) but it gets consistent points for being romantic.

May Street Market is another cozy spot. And the Erie Cafe is a block away from Kingsbury and Ontario if you'd consider an old-school Italian steakhouse.
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If you and your sweetheart place high value on an excellent steak, the Erie Cafe is right there (a block from you at Erie and Kingsbury) and absolutely fantastic. Not entirely sure I would call it romantic, but a great laid-back feel and classic steakhouse with great service and even better food.

I'm sure you could call to see what kind of accommodations they make for romantics on Valentine's Day.
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Nacional 27 is very tasty but it is very glam... lots of people crowded around the bar. Plus, on the night I went, there were salsa lessons right behind my seat in the middle of the dining room. I didn't find it cozy. My picks are Bistro 110, the Ralph Lauren Restaurant (If you can stand eating at a restaurant run by a clothes company. The food is good, though.), Le Colonial, and Le Petit Paris.
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Nacional 27 is ok, but cozy it is not. Bistro 110 is nice.
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