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Can I make a Quicktime movie of the iTunes or WMP oscilloscope?

Ok, so it's not exactly an oscilloscope, but I want to make the pulsing shapes that you can watch while listening to a song in a media player into a short quicktime movie (maybe around 30 or 45 seconds) that I can then embed into a PowerPoint. It's for a science of sound class so that I can show my students just a quick clip of the modern equivalent to an oscilloscope. Due to time and technology restrictions, I can't just exit out of PowerPoint and show them the real deal. Suggestions?
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I think you want Screencasting software for this type of job...Jing looks good and easy to use - it's available for Mac and Windows from

You can select a portion of the screen you want to record or take a grab of, then select what type of file you want - video or still capture. You can also upload it to for free.

I made a quick one, which you can see here:

Here's a list of alternatives from Mashable:
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I needed to do something similar and downlaoded iShowU and all was good.
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