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Help me create a simple webpage
January 8, 2009 1:49 PM   Subscribe

I need to put together a website for an event I'm helping organise in July this year. It needs about 6 pages, max - home page; info about the venue and order of the day; attendees list; sponsors page with an ability to add in the sponsors' logo and a link to their website (we're talking people wtih etsy craft pages who pay a tenner to support the event, not big corporate sponsors)

Obviously there are MILLIONS of web hosting sites out there. I need something * cheap (£5 a month ish) * simple (no masses of moving images and weird flash stuff * easy to use (I can do some html coding but nothing fancy. We don't NEED fancy) * UK based if possible.

Can you give me concrete examples of hosting sites you use which have these features and I can get something up and running asap? There are so many I can't choose!

Please feel free to ask further questions if I'm missing something here. Thank you!
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Oops - I also have to be able to point our registered but webspace-free domain name to the new website I set up. Sorry I forgot to say that!
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They're dead cheap, reliable enough and have always come back to me fast and effectively on support issues. Their £15 per year account will have more than enough for html, and it will support a good php/MySQL or ASP site if you get ambitious.

I've used them for 4 years now. I believe they're based in Manchester.
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I've used Vistaprint and love their interface / dashboard. It was the first website builder I've used that actually did what it said it would do. Very stable. Lots of templates, fonts, and and a large, above average quality stock photo selection included. Zero programming skills needed. I had a fairly sophisticated site built in a couple of hours. Your domain registrar will assist you with pointing the domain name (which Vistaprint supports.) Caveat. There is a huge list of complaints about Vistaprint billing practices but I've never had a problem. They have cleaned up their act in that regard, I believe. It's free for the basics. I opted for the $14.97 per month option. You can see the site I built with Vistaprint at They also have examples at My experience only. I know they are controversial. Your mileage may vary.
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Set up a free account at and point your domain to your account. You can use Wordpress to build the site and not have to muck about in the code.
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Re WorldPress, I can't see how you can make proper web pages out of it rather than just a blog, which I don't want... any hints?
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